Brain it on! Is a unique free-to-play physics puzzler for iOS and Android from the Canadian indie team Orbital Nine. The game challenges you to solve different physics problems by drawing on the screen to create objects; such as, ‘knock all blocks over’ or, ‘knock block A into block B’.

Unlike other games of this genre which allow you to draw only one shape, Brain it on! allows you to draw as many as will fit on the screen. This challenges you to think outside the box and construct shapes which work together to solve the problem. There is no single solution in this game, it’s all trial and error, and plenty of it.
Each level awards you up to 3 stars based on your time, and number of moves.



Straight up I have to say this game is hard to begin with, too hard perhaps. During my play test it was not uncommon to find myself failing up to 50 times on a particular puzzle (The game allows you to play one level ahead of your current level, which allows bypass of some tricky ones and try again later).

I was however feeling a lot more confident by the time I got to level 20, and revisiting the earlier levels allowed me to milk out a few more stars, enough to unlock the the next level tier (20 more levels)!


I think this game has a really good flow and I love the style of the puzzles, I personally would have liked to have seen a gentler difficulty curve or perhaps a hints feature, but hey, I’m not as hardcore as some.

All in all the game is very well made, and I highly recommend it. For the price of free there’s nothing to lose but your nerve.

It will test wits and separate men from boys, women from girls. If you can achieve 3 stars on level 14 consider yourself godly, because I could not.

The game allows you to play 20 levels. To unlock the next 20 you need to accumulate 50 stars or pay.  50 stars could be a stretch for some players though, my wife for one.

This is one of the few games that I would be happy to pay to get another 20 levels. Theres no trickery, just good old indie fun reminiscent of the flash portal physics games of yesteryear.

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Our overall verdict "Good"