Pako Car Chase Simulator is a cool new mobile game from Tree Man Games.

Many would tell you that one of their favorite past times in Grand Theft Auto was racking up wanted stars and going on a chaotic and unpredictable car chase from the police. There is something exhilarating about being chased by 10 cop cars with sirens wailing, running donuts around them and watching them crash and burn.

Pako has taken that specific game play mechanic and built a game around it,  and quite frankly I’m surprised I haven’t really seen it done in the same way before on mobile.


It’s a isometric 3D free driving experience (within a confined area) with auto drive turned on, all you have to do is touch the left or right sides of the screen to turn. It’s a simple yet comfortable experience tailored even for those who are and aren’t fans of driving games. If you can tie your own shoe laces, you will be capable of playing Pako Car Chase Simulator.

The game is very much down with the trends using low poly models and flat colours, very 2015. Just seconds into this game you will know it’s a premium experience, the visuals are right and more importantly the controls are tight.

When playing Pako it’s important to understand that the game is supposed to feel kind of hard. It’s a high replay game that wants you to snack on it in short session,  so if you feel like your losing often, don’t think much of it. You don’t suck, it’s just the name of the game you dig?

One of the coolest features of this games is that there are LOTS of locations to visit each with their own car. In total you will find 17 different vehicles in nine different locations: the Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway, Square, Old Town, Desert, Arena and Airport

Car wise,  you can get behind the wheel of all types of crazy vehicles including a hot dog truck, a Lambo and even a hurst!


This aspect of having different locations however has a flawed execution though, so much so that it  hurt the longevity of the game. You see, there is no progression system, ALL the locations are unlocked out of the box.  You might think, yay yay, but its ney ney as you quickly find yourself bored and uncertain of which level to play next.

I would have preferred it if the next levels were locked off until you have proven yourself in the current level. This would have let you enjoy each area to its fullest and challenged you to do better for the sake of the next reward.

I stopped playing this game after a few days, I loved it, but I had seen it all way too quickly and there is no mystery left.  I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody clones this game and adds a more meaningful player progression system.

Overall an excellent game that’s been crafted with much love and care. It should be in your collection, no question.

iTunes Link – $0.99

Google Play – Free

Our overall verdict "Good"