I came across this little gem recently called Cube Koala [Free].  It’s a physics based rage puzzler where the objective of the game is to rotate the game world left or right, so that the cubed player may fall, slide and roll to the exit. Currently there seems to only be an iOS version available.

Cube-Koala2 Cube-Koala1

This game mechanic instantly looked familiar and predictable, however I was pleasantly surprised with the clever and challenging level design, and its hard to deny those graphics look pretty shmick.

The first few tutorial levels are a bit of a breeze, but get ready to feel that tingle on the back of your neck as you hit the retry button over and over on some of the more fancy levels. This game will get under your skin, this I can promise.

Though the game is free, it has IAP and ads, BUT… they are implemented very tastefully and wont get in the way of you having a solid run.
The developers have offered the first 20 levels for free. After completing them,  If you like the game, you have the option of paying a buck for the next section. I don’t mind this ‘try before you buy’ system at all, and I wish more free games had this model rather than asking $10 for a bag of gems to spend on in game ‘turns’ – or whatever Zynga / Candy Crush is doing these days.

Cube-Koala4 Cube-Koala3

Anyways check out Cube Koala, if only for the first 20 levels. It may not blow your mind, but it sure won’t disappoint.


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Our overall verdict "Good"