We have created a special Indie Dev promo package to help your game find the success it deserves. We are here to support the indie community and want to see passionate developers succeed!

“We had epic results for our game series Swords & Sandals, IGB are true ambassadors for the indie community!” – Whiskey Barrel Studios
  • Are you a solo developer or small team?
  • Does your game have little to no marketing budget and struggling to get exposure?
  • Do you need a little hype push into the spotlight?

Our affordable, high impact indie package will help your game find an audience.

You get ALL of the following:

  1.  Banner space on our website for 1 week (reference the ad box on this page).*

  2. A feature spot on our twitter banner, putting thousands of eyes on your game.*

  3. A featured article highlighting your game in all its glory, with images and links to your trailer, website and store page! (This can then be further shared around the web)

  4. Two promotional tweets (at the date of your choice) from our official account to our 6000+ engaged audience of indie game enthusiasts.

    + A FREE additional Shout out on our Instagram page with over REAL 1000 followers!

Other websites may charge hundreds if not thousands for a similar offering. That’s too much! We understand indie developers need more affordable options.

We will do it all at the entry price of only US$200 US$95 (limited time).

We have expert marketing skills which we will use to get your game under the noses of a large group of dedicated indie game lovers! This is the best technique in finding an audience for your game.

Bookings are limited, get in now and let us start hyping your game!


This offer is strictly for indie teams with less than 5 people

After payment, we will send you a Media Request Form to confirm your game’s details and images/text required.
If you are using a different email to the one linked to your paypal, add it as a message with the transaction, or email us directly, so we know where to send the Media Request Form. 

Want to chat? Drop us an email
john @ indiegamebuzz.com

*This offer is strictly for indie developers, your team must be smaller than 5 people to be eligible*
*Ad placement will be rotated based on availability
*Promotion post will be presented as a developer preview (most successful format), and crafted by the development team – then revised by the IGB promotion team.
*Article reach will vary game to game. The developer preview we did for Swords And Sandals reached over 8000 readers.