Ball King is a free to play 2D, pixel art styled basketball shooter with a high replay game flow, which has you creating the ball trajectory and path by touching and dragging the screen.

The ball then follows the path and with a bit of luck goes through the hoop.

Original concept? No, not at all, but it’s the overall execution of this game that makes it a pretty nice addition to my ‘casual game’ folder.

ball-king-mobile ball-king-mobile-2

In true free to play fashion, the game has a ‘free gift’ system identical to that of Crossy Road which awards coins. Collected coins can then be used to buy a myriad of unlockable content which revolves around player and background skins.

In all it’s simplicity the game has a very polished feel and attention to detail. It just goes to show there’s nothing wrong with taking an existing old school game mechanic, and improving in it with some clean ass pixel art and tight controls.

As far as super casual sports goes, this game hits he nail on he head.

The game offers a nice difficulty curve by introducing wind once you have met a certain score quote.

Don’t expect any real depth or story. This is a simple game designed to entertain you in chunks of about 5 minutes. It does ‘simple’ pretty well though and has kept me coming back consistently during my daily transport slog to work.


The game is currently available for free from Google Play and iTunes. Treat yourself.

Our overall verdict "Good"