Amanita Studios, a Czech indie studio known for beautiful artistic games such as Machinarium and Botanicula, have released some pretty interesting stats on their hit game Machinarium.

Machinarium was one of the earlier heavy hitters, being released back in 2009 for the iPad and was heralded as game of the year. Since then it has made its way to pretty much every platform you can throw money at, including: PS3, PS Vita, iOS and Android, with a PS4 port currently in the works.

The game has reportedly made $4 million across the mentioned platform, making it a pretty big commercial success. Amanita have been generous enough to share an infographic detailing how that revenue breaks down across the various platforms. Check it out.

It’s a great story which shows how a great indie game can continue to be profitable close to a decade after release.

Fun fact, the original game (and possibly some ports) was made with Adobe Air!
machinarium revenue

image sourced from gamasutra