Barmark is a point n’ click adventure, where the players changes the world around them in order to achieve harmony and personal perfection. There are no goals, no points and no death. Barmark let’s you be in control of your own experience.

Sounds all right! Ok, I’m interested. So where and when can we get it?
Created by Storm Hat Studios, Barmack dropped on Android last week on the 31st of July.  I’ve been informed that this game will be coming out on iOS this week.
I for one am pretty excited about this game. It  looks super eerie and arty farty, which in an indie market where 90% of games look the same, is definitely a selling point.  The style reminds me a bit of Apontheon, with its tactile textured crate paper look.

I’m going to wait for the iOS release before I give Barmarck a full review.  Show some deserved indie love, grab the Android version from Google play or share this post on the twitterz.

May the indie gods bless you all.

Google Play Link