If you grew up in the arcade era and made visits to your local smoke filled parlour, you may very well have experienced multiplayer Bomberman. As newer arcade machines came with updated graphics, many older machines were replaced. The Bomberman machine in the corner of my arcade however, had no shortage of love. Its joysticks forever greased by the endless line of dedicated players looking to blow up their friends, or total strangers (which led to a fist fight on at least one occasion). To say it was popular would be an understatement.

Bomberman eventually made its way into lounge rooms the world over through console releases,  enjoying a long spanning series with various spin offs.

As of today, the series is pretty much dead. Konami dabbled with a mobile release years ago called Bomberman Touch. But with no multiplayer capability, and ‘modern Konami’ destroying classic franchises with a vengeance (*cough Castlevania),  it didn’t quite capture the classic experience. As of August 2015 the game no longer exists, as Konami killed off a large part of its mobile library. Shame on you Konami. Shame on your for not committing to more fan favorite franchises.

As usual when big publishers can’t fill the nostalgic void left in fans hearts, fans take the reigns and make their own version. We have seen a few indie attempts at this bomberman-esk  genre, some were better than others, but overall nothing really hit the metaphoric nail on the head.

So here is the latest effort, one that is worth getting excited about – Ninja Boy Advemture, by indie developer The Clash Soft.

It’s reported Ninja Boy Adventure will have 30 levels to blast through in single player mode, and up to four player going head to head over local multiplayer (for its Apple TV release).
It will also be a premium paid app with NO IAP, believe it people, and if Punch Club is any indication, premium pay-once content is a reemerging trend.

Ninja Boy Adventure will also offer MFI controller support to get a real classic tactile experience. We predict this will be a real hit. Who needs Konami right?

It’s currently in review with apple and set to drop in the coming week or so. So keep an eye out!