For those who live under a rock, Punch Club (formerly VHS Story) released on PC and iOS a few weeks ago.
It is a premium game with a fixed price on iOS of $7,  which is uncommon in today’s mobile freemium society.

Regardless, it has not stopped publisher TinyBit from capitalizing on their investment and generating  $1 million dollars (US) in 10 days. It’s launch success was largely due its creative launch strategy which utilized Twitch Plays to gain massive traction. The game was released only once Twitch viewers had collectively beaten the it, which is a pretty interesting launch strategy to say the least. Its been reported that gamers who had pre-ordered were not particularly happy with having to jump through additional hoops to get access to a game they had already paid for. But come on, the game was going to be released one way or another, and the whole thing was a bit of PR fun to engage and grow the fan base.

It highlights the importance of having a Publisher who is prepared to think outside the box and take some creative risks to get your game out there.

I congratulate the guys at Lazy Bear Games on the success. I were lucky enough to receive a copy of the game from the dev team and are currently in the process of a review. Punch Club is a winner that will knock you the F@ck out.