Wills and Wonders is a turn based strategy game in a fantasy setting. Wills and Wonders brings you on an adventure through Earth’s mythology as you embark on quests to capture creatures, find skills, and recruit new leaders. Build armies, take land, and assert your dominance over all of Midgard.

You will choose one of five nations starting with a powerful ruler in a single territory. Attempt quests from that territory to capture new creatures for your army as well as finding new leaders to wield them. Use up to three of these leaders’ armies at one time to attack adjacent territories in turn based combat.



I finally got around to playing an early developer demo of this game and thought it was worthwhile doing a short write up.

The game is currently in early access on Steam, although I feel as though the version I played was a much earlier build, as it was pretty rough around the edges. But there is definitely something there that has us interested.

I absolutely adore the whimsical art style and setting.
From what i understood of the game loop: you select a region on the map and perform available quests. Doing so will have you fighting trolls and recruiting new party members and sometimes have you partaking in a mysterious ‘dice roll’ side adventure.

The brunt of the action plays out on a turn based hex grid that has you strategically positioning yourself then casting spells, sword swiping and even throwing nets over your enemies.


willsandwonder5willsandwonder3 willsandwonder4

I am definitely looking forward to seeing how far the developers go with this as I believe it has great potential!

Here are some other features listed by the developers:

– Pick your own adventure quests
– Combat oriented quests
– Capture creatures, upgrade them, name them, and use them in battle
– Hexagonal movement
– Asynchronous movement and actions
– 21 different party leaders
– 24 different creatures
– Over 70 different abilities
– Epic battles on huge maps of up to 42 units at once(not including summoned creatures)