Planetoid Pioneers is a new sci-fi sandbox, physics based creative adventure, which allows you to explore and create worlds in a ‘Minecraft in space’ like fashion.

Indie Developer Data Realms, who is known for previous title Cortex Command, has reportedly been working on this game for 7 years. This time scale should give you a good idea of the developer commitment and depth of content that is likely available.

The game allows for up to four person co-op play as well as access to a large range of vehicles, weaponry and alien lifeforms to blast into oblivion,

The story of the game revolves around an old astronaut gets stranded in outer space when his ship disassembles. His task is to scour planet surfaces for materials to craft tools, vehicles and various contraptions to help him survive and escape back to his home world.



As part of the Early Access program, Data Realms is working on a contribution system, where players are given the opportunity to create content for the game which can then be sold through the games item shop. Now that is pretty interesting.

The developer states:

“We’d like to take it one step further by opening up the potential of Steam Workshop for indie developers and giving the community a chance to help build our game”

“In the spirit of bringing your own game ideas and feedback to life, we want to evolve the concept of Early Access with our powerful engine and integrated tools,” said Tabar, in a statement. “Words can’t capture the feeling of what we’re trying to do with Planetoid Pioneers so we’re giving the public an in­-depth, behind­-the-­scenes look on Twitch on launch day. As we speak, our community of contributors are uploading their own creations to fight it out in the Coliseum Planetoid live on Twitch.”

The developer has openly warned players not to buy this game just yet, unless you are interested in being an active part of the content creation phase.  Either way, it looks like there is a lot of fun to be had, even at this early stage!

The game is available now on Steam Early Access on the Mac, PC, and Linux.