Bit.Saw[$1.00] is a rage puzzle platformer that involves flipping the gravity to collect the squares (which are called “Bits”) in doing so it builds the doorway to the next level, each level is of increasing difficulty

Let me tell you something about Bit.Saw….  This game DUN GIVA FUACK!
If you were lying face down in the gutter after a late night out smashing Tequila, this game would walk past you, stop, then jump on your back and snatch your shoes.

When I was first saw the screenshots for this game I thought, ahh cute, I know this kind of game.
Turns out this game knows me very well also, so well in fact, it knows exactly how to push my buttons and get under my skin.

So what am i saying? is it good?  YES… is the simple answer.

Bit.Saw is one of those games that when you play it, you know the developer was laughing their ass off when they were designing the levels. There is NO hand holding in this game. The first level is ridiculous (for a first level), and I absolutely love it.

We have been so babied in the mobile market by piss easy games designed for ‘new gen’ mobile gamers – you know those games, the ones with 5 minutes of tutorials teaching you how to double jump. Thankfully we are seeing a partial move away from that trend since games like Flappy Birds, but it’s very much still a thing.

That’s what’s so good about platforms like and games like Bit.Saw, they are pure Indie expressions, untainted by the mobile app stores where games are made to ‘fit market trends’. Yawn..

It’s little games like this which remind me what I love about the indie scene; how a simple concept can deliver wrist slitting results through well thought out level design and developer prowess.

Bit.Saw’s longevity is really up to the skill of the player.  I think I played level 7 about 30 times  (3am gaming is tough work).
The developer suggests  “it can take anywhere from 20 Seconds to 20 Minutes to beat depending on your skill level and sanity”.

Skill I believe I have,  so I must be lacking in the sanity department, because after 20 minutes of cursing and keyboard slapping I was only at level 12 (half way though the game).
There’s definitely some decent value here for the $1 being asked.

Check it out.

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Our overall verdict "Good"