Top Tank[$0.99] from Fun Fetched is a pixel art styled 2D platformer where you play an little tank advancing into endless waves of enemy tanks, helicopters and fighter jets.

The games controls are appropriately simple with the tank automatically moving forward. The only player interaction being the firing of the canon through a hold to aim arch shot, making it a perfect game to play on the run. Another great example of simple done well.


Top Tank iOS
The developer of this game clearly know what they are doing. The game mechanics are simple, streamlined and well thought so to put an emphasis on skill through replay-ability. Simple to learn, yet hard to master is recognized as one of the hallmark characteristics of a successful mobile game experience. Top Tank does it perfectly.

Top Tank offers subtle yet entertaining variety though the use of 3 different weapon types which can be strategically used to destroy different enemy types. The normal shot, the triple shot and the power shot.

Top Tank iOS

User progression is a big part of Top Tank as we are taken through different pixel perfect environments ,such as a city, desert and jungle.
New areas are unlocked after you have traveled a certain distance quota which increases as you progress. This aspect makes it very addictive to play, as you are intrigued and drawn to the promise of a new environment. Top notch game design.
The game is is a textbook example of a casual mobile game. Every aspect of this game is polished and fine tuned for the mobile experience.

Top Tank iOS

A great little game which has been hot under my thumb every day for the past week.

Highly recommended for the humble 1 dollar price tag.

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Our overall verdict "Excellent"