Here is a little shiny nugget I came across the other week which is definitely worth a mention.

Indie studio Adversary Games has been busy crafting their new game Red Cobra (for Windows, Mac and possible console release).
Instantly the gameplay style will seem familiar, but you see, the game is much more  on offer than your typical Shmup.

The core of Red Cobra is shooting 360 degrees in a twin-stick fashion. Sprinkled throughout the game will be “Metroidvania” exploration levels as well as environmental and boss puzzles. Objects can be manipulated by picking them up, dropping them, or shooting them. Red Cobra will be heavy on environmental obstacles as well.

…An explorational puzzle shmup with a 360 shooting control, hell yeah.

In 2014 Adversary Games tried unsuccessfully to fund the project though Kickstarter campaign. Regardless the game found it way onto Greenlight and was recently Greenlit by the community.

I’m super excited to see more of this game and will be keeping an eye out for updates.
Check out the team here:



Steam page