RAD Boarding [Free], is pretty much Tiny Wings meets Ski Safari. Touch and hold the screen to speed down slopes then release to jump.
There are a unique nuances that make it somewhat original, such as the ability to perform aerial tricks by swiping whilst airborne, although the tricks seem limited, likely hidden behind some IAP.

So is it ‘RAD’? Not really. The game plays reasonably well but suffers from a few issues.
Firstly the game is a bit of an acid trip, and not in a clean Robot Rainbow Unicorn way.
The game feels very busy and crowded. The background and foreground terrain are also at times quite distracting and don’t help the character stand out much.  At times the foreground even obsures the screen completely – nothing rad about that.

Take a look at Alto’s Adventure by comparison, which is absolutely brilliant.
It’s going to be tough for RAD boarding coming out in the same month as Alto’s, as they are similar enough to get critical comparisons, yet miles apart in terms of overall quality and execution.
The other problem with the entire app is that it’s free, but free is good right? Not if it means I get a video popup every 30 seconds, and constantly encouraged to part with my real world moneyz.
Freemium is part of the games market and isn’t going anywhere, we all know this, but it can be done tastefully.  Although this isn’t the worst offending freemium game, it does cross that ‘tasteful’ line in my opinion.


Unfortunately there is nothing too new here, the concept has been done to death, and in much better ways.

If your new to this genre and can look past the aggressive monetization tactics you might just have a good time…

iTunes link [Free]

Our overall verdict "Good"