Hellhunter is a supernatural investigative hunting RPG, coming from Ausralian indie duo BallisticInteractive, where you assume the role of a freelance hunter building his career towards uncovering the ultimate terror.

However with each job, the level is procedurally generated, and the true identity of the supernatural creature is not revealed. It is up to you to explore and investigate it, to determine the tools needed to vanquish the hostile entity.

Death lurks in every corner.

The game will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux, with a upcoming Kickstarter dropping at the end of this month (October).


  • Hellhunter is a hardcore single player hunting game centralized around investigating and hunting supernatural enemies.
  • Dark & unique art direction, using light & shadows to create a mysterious haunting atmosphere, with carefully tailored animation bringing the game to life.
  • Procedural level generation, mixed with dynamic clue and enemy generation makes for a massively replayable experience. Clues are logically scattered around the level which the player has to find and decipher.
  • Character progression & customization, with countless hightech gadgets, weapons and consumables.
  • Contrasting gameplay, starts with careful investigation involving stealth, but progresses to fast paced intense combat by the end of a job.


hell hunter PC game

Hell Hunter PC game

hell hunter PC game

Check out the game  website here: Hellhunter website