Developed by Photoplay Games, Back From Hell is an upcoming CRPG puzzle/adventure game set in two worlds: a 15th Century Spanish hilltop town and a journey to the depths of Hell and back again. In this photo-realistic 2.5D game the player will fight for the injustice his family has suffered, battling his way in the underworld, and taking decisions which could possibly lead to devastating consequences.

Both worlds feature a unique cast of fully voiced characters that bring the world of Back From Hell to life, all interactions and subsequent decisions will have weight and impact. Conversations will be critical to solving many multiple first and third person puzzles and present the player with many difficult ethical choices as the game evolves. This game features an action RPG combat system, with multiple weapons and magical abilities to help you dispatch a wide array of enemies. A world full of NPCs with personalities and agendas with multiple solutions to every quest and puzzle. 


Back From Hell merges classic computer role playing game mechanics with point & click adventure style exploration, challenging environmental puzzles in the vein of MYST and like Planescape: Torment the narrative is formed by the choices you make and the consequences of your deeds. Combat is reminiscent of Guardian Heroes where the player earns experience points during each encounter with a variety of statistics that can be upgraded as the game progresses.


Back From Hell is Photoplay Games’ first creation with game play that mixes genres, all crafted in a world of HD reinvention of a long lost art style. Bringing nostalgia with a modern approach.

The game was created out of nights talking about games, the ones which we love and the ones we wish would have been created with today’s technology. After lot of testing, Photoplay Games’ unique studio was built from the ground up to film characters and to give us a space for prop design.


Here are some developer listed features:

  • Dialogue driven story that is full of complex characters, branching paths, unique locations, tough moral choices and multiple conclusions.

  • A myriad of expansive environments to adventure in, explore and investigate

  • Based both in the realms of the living and the dark depths of the afterlife 

  • First and third person elaborate puzzles that are both visually appealing and mentally taxing.

  • Stat based combat system with multiple attacks, weapons and magic with a varied cast of enemies.  

  • Conflict resolution for the character – combat is not always the solution.

  • Resource management, with a vast number of items to boost you in battle and objects to assist you along your journey.

  • A highly detailed hand crafted art style reminiscent of classic adventure games. 

  • Full controller and keyboard support.


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