Voxelvoid [Free] is a 3d voxel styled arena shooter available on iPad only.
The objective of the game is to get through waves of enemies, which increase in numbers with each round, kill them and collect their coins, upgrade stuff, then  go at it again. A pretty typical progression system that seems to work well for this game.

The art direction in this game is pretty awesome, the voxel style works perfectly with the fast action gameplay and killer sound track.

The game shows ads, but they are relatively unobtrusive (no full screen popup a yet), so props to the developer for being sensible with the  monitizaion approach.

There is a real indie vibe to this game which I absolutely love. However part of that ‘vibe’ are the imperfections.

The main issue I had with this game was with the control system itself. You see, there are three control mechanics: a virtual D-pad on he left, a rotation slider on the right and a ‘touch anywhere else to shoot’.  Last time I checked I only had two thumbs, so to operate all three inputs  simultaneously is difficult.
In my opinion the game could have been an auto shooter. Pressing the screen each time you want to shoot in a mobile game of this style seems a little redundant. I think the current control would translate much better to a physical controller for PC

With that said, the game is fun to play once you get used it, quite challenging too.  A techno retro visceral experience,  I would recommend it!

I’m excited to see what else the developers have on the cards.

Official game website

iTunes link [Free]

Our overall verdict "Good"