Sunburn for iOS [$0.99] developed by Secret Crush,  is a game about space, friendship….  mass suicide and death by inferno – I kid you not.

This game takes place moments after a catastrophic explosion on a spaceship in outer space.  The crew is left stranded floating between planets, sucking up their last air reserves.
Stranded and faced with impending doom, the crew agrees that dying together would be better than alone. So It is your responsibility as the captain to round up your floating crew and carry them into the warm embrace of the sun to be incinerated and transition into the afterlife (they actually turn into ghosts).


Hard hitting themes for a casual game no doubt!  However it is all executed in a very tasteful ‘indie’ way.  The game screams indie, from the simplistic pixel art style, quirky narrative, to the intuitive game mechanic.

To move around the environment, the player boosts off planets towards neighboring planets using both jet pack thrusts and gravitational pulls. As you progress through the game the environments get more complex, with obstacles such as asteroids, glass and lava covered planets served up to keep you on your toes.

The levels have clearly been carefully designed in a way that creates a nice balance of pleasure and frustration. However I found at times it felt a little too easy, though still satisfying.



An overall well made premium indie game, with little to complain about.  Plenty of content for the price.




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Official website

Our overall verdict "Good"