What started as a little game called Incognita back in 2013, Invisible Inc. has changed not only in design and structure, but also in how Klei entertainment reacts to user feedback.

Being one of their first titles to fully take advantage of the Steam Early Access system, Klei Entertainment have done what every gaming company should do, and that is listen to their audience. Having followed the timeline of the game it has been a rewarding journey for a gamer to feel like they actually matter. Too many companies are all about the bottom line of units sold, risking resentment from customers who feel cheated.


With 11 major updates since August, and countless tweaks along the way, Invisible Inc. has officially graduated from Early Access and is now ready to be bought, played, and loved.

We reviewed the game back in March as it approached the end of its development cycle, and we thought it was perfect then! Check the game out on Steam, or directly from Klei Entertainment.