Battle Splash features fast-paced and action-packed water fights in the form of a third-person shooter. Players will experience the fun of water shooting in the summer in a fresh way. Take your water weapons and challenge with/against your friends in many beautiful sceneries. Feel the frenzy as water splashes from your weapons can accidentally wet your opponents, your allies, and even yourself! The aim of this game is to create a fun, intense, and exciting shooter with no need of violence. Everyone, regardless of ages, can enjoy Battle Splash as much as they can.

The game is currently in development with a planned Steam early access release in the future.

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Battle_Splash_Screenshot (2)

Players can choose 4 character classes with different traits and stats so as to bring variety of play styles. These classes are also equipped with a special items based on strength and advantages of the characters. Battle Splash also allows players to equip a set of 4 weapons with no restriction for more fun and frenzy experience. The game will deliver 4 different game modes with AI bots so that it can be playable in every situation, whether solo or with friends around the world. Moreover, Battle Splash can hold up to 32 players simultaneously in a player-made server and full local network support for LAN parties.

Further Development:

Battle Splash is also being planned to bring more contents, including a co-op campaign with open-world elements. The campaign will deliver the story of how water fights will be made in a distant future with virtual/augmented reality tech. It will be an adventure of thrill, excitement and fellowship when the virtual world is being gone rogue. Also, Battle Splash will support modding community with its own tool. Players around the world can make their own weapons, maps and rules to have more fun, diverse and exotic matches.

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