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Microsoft and Unity

Microsoft partners with Unity to bring full Visual Studio integration

It's great when 2 companies come together with a common goal that has potential to significantly benefit the indie community. Coming from As3 ...
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Top Indie Game Dev Trends for 2015

It's an exciting time for indie with a lot of trend changes taking place recently, check out our list of top trends to expect in 2015 and on
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10 Golden Rules for being an amazing game developer

10 rules that you can follow to become a rock star indie game developer
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Tips for building your fame as an indie game developer

Fame as an indie gives you influence, credibility and lowers your marketing costs and ultimately makes you more money. So how do we obtain it?
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Super Mario Unity 2d Tutorial

[Upcoming] Create a Super Mario Bros style game in Unity

Indie Developer John Stejskal has announced he is working on a new tutorial explaining how to make a Super Mario style 2D game in Unity (c#). ...
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How to Create 2D Sprite based animation states in Unity – 3 part series!

Our resident indie developer John Stejskal, has been busy putting together a new tutorial series. This series shows how to use the newer 2D tools ...
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How to discover if your game idea is good or bad

It's a pretty interesting time for the indie game industry. In just over 5 years we have seen a massive shift towards mobile content delivery, and ...
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