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Oliver Joyce

Swords And Sandals Pirates

Swords and Sandals Pirates: A post launch retrospective and some advice for aspiring game developers.

Heroic indie dev Oliver Joyce talks about the launch of his latest RPG, Swords and Sandals Pirates!
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Swords and Sandals 2 Redux: Developer Preview

Hey all! I'm Oliver Joyce, game developer at Whiskeybarrel Studios and sometimes contributor to Indie Game Buzz. Many of you may remember the ...
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6 Score

Skiing Yeti Mountain – Review [iOS, Android]

Right now, we're seeing a whole lot of games that harken back to the Atari and Commodore 64 era. They're generally easy to make and have an ...
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2 Score

Tap Titans – Review [iOS, Android]

If Dark Souls were a delicious meal slow cooked over 8 hours, Tap Titans is like eating a Burger Ring every second, for hours and hours. Both are going to fill you up but only one of them will leave you feeling satiated. The other will leave you reeling, sore and sorry. Welcome to Tap Titans.
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6.5 Score

Tamak – Review [iOS, Android]

Ever find yourself lost in a mysterious jungle, with only a series of numbered tiles for company? Upcoming puzzle game Tamak, by Australian ...
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80 days game
9 Score

80 Days – Review [iOS, Android]

  19th century storyteller Jules Verne was a master of his craft. Along with HG Wells, he became one of the grandfathers of science fiction and ...
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