Duet [Free] from  Kumobius, is a game I absolutely love to hate.

I had heard about this game some time ago, but only just got a chance to give it a proper run, I tough it would be just another minimalist puzzle game, but soon discovered a mind melting masterpiece.

A visceral experience which attaches itself to your brain and takes you on a journey of madness.

In the game you must tap and hold each side of the screen to rotate two coloured dots away from oncoming obstacles. The concept is so simple yet genius,  and I applaud the developers for finding a simple and unique mechanic and standing out in the app store filled with copy-cats.

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It’s one of those games you really need to try for yourself to understand what it’s about. It will resinate with each player on an individual level. But if nothing else the game is extremely addictive.. and may just steal your soul.

More than just a ‘game’, it a motor skills test, or something you would find in lab being tested on super soldiers. It has a way of making the players failure to win personal, creating a strong constant urge to prove yourself. Without saying, this game causes great frustration.

Between levels a female voice throws psychedelic slogans at you which cut deep, scratching at your psyche. “Guilt can only truly come from within” or “to try opens the door to disappointment” . The levels have names like ‘Ignorance, denial, anger,  guilt’ which really enforce the theme of the game.

The production standard of this game is super duper, each level is crafted and balanced perfectly with a smooth progression/ difficulty curve.
The music is out of this world. Emotional undertones which treat you like a yoyo, taking you up and down, then back up again.
The beats are constantly  changing between levels to reflect on the levels emotional theme. Awesome.

This game should seriously come with a warning sticker, because it will bury you. Edit: I discovered there is actually a warning screen!

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Our overall verdict "Excellent"