Solo Syrian game developer Ramez Al Tabbaa created this game about love during the height of the brutal Syrian civil war. A testament to his resilience and passion for the craft of game development. Show support: Steam Page

is a beautifully intriguing platformer where you play the role of an avocado. What makes the game so intriguing is its underlying emotional tones, and how they frame this adventure. Despite being an indie game, AvoCuddle is extremely polished and right from the start you will start solving creative puzzles and be tested by engaging platforming. 


What we like about AvoCuddle is that the game comes with a very simple story. It just likes to make things simple, and we dig that. The main idea with this game is that you have to find various items to free your soulmate. There are tons of special creatures in the game and they did a stellar job when it comes to giving us new locations to check out and interesting explorative mechanics. You always feel that something exciting is happening and you can’t wait for the next puzzle.


As we mentioned earlier, here you have the classic side scrolling experience with an interesting story and a cool twist. The game world is simply stunning, it has a lot of character and it’s hand-drawn. That adds a lot to the experience and it does deliver some great features and ideas for you to explore and enjoy all the time.

You can find 7 weapons in the game, like missile launchers or pulse guns. Each one of them has its own pros and cons, and you will find the gameplay to be very precise and fun at the same time. you will also travel to/from multiple planets. That’s definitely something that you want to consider and think about, and it gets you one step closer to the person that kidnapped your love.

AvoCuddle has puzzles and while these are not the most complex out there, you will like them because they are different and exciting to play around with. The game also has a currency named limon that you acquire as you jump around on platforms and kill enemies. You can upgrade the weapons and do all kinds of cool stuff with it, which makes it easier and more fun to play the game this way. Of course it does take a bit of time to enjoy and appreciate, so all you have to do is to give it a try and the payoff will be really great due to that.

They really go all in when it comes to adding some creative ideas to the game. You cam swim, parachute, double jump, even use a jetpack. But the enemies are very smart too, so it’s a combination of the two for the most part.


AvoCuddle is a premium indie experience. As a fan of platformers, I appreciate creative platformers that likes to take risks. Here you don’t have just classic platforming, you also get cool weapons, can explore new planets, upgrade your items, as well as logical puzzles to solve. AvoCuddle adds everything you love into a single, content filled package. Try it out if you have even the slightest interest in a good story or great platforming mechanics!