“I’ve seen a lot of tower-defense-mobile-shovelware in my time. I had all but lost hope for this genre. But Indie game ‘What Magic Is This’, has stepped up and shown there are still good, soul-filled and ethically monetized indie titles to be found on mobile. “ – Indie Game Buzz Editor

Hi Indie Gamers!

Do you love Tower Defense games as we do? We were inspired by Kingdom Rush, and now, after several years of development, we are ready to present our first game — “What Magic Is This”.

Like in other games of the tower defense genre, you must not let mobs reach the castle. But to achieve that, you do not need to control several dozen units and buildings — just use your magic skills! Furthermore, there are upgradable knights’ barracks and towers to help you fight.

that is this magic mobile indie game

There is a fortress with watchtowers and two mages, which are controlled by the player. To fight hordes of enemies, the mage uses extensive abilities, as befits any self-respecting battle wizard.

In the game, you will meet four mages. Each of them has six unique spells with different mechanics. Some of them is oriented to deal damage, while others will control enemies and support your knights. For example, you can slow down a crowd of enemies with ice vortex and then hit them with meteor. The spells are almost limitless — it all depends on your imagination.

You will have to fight with different monsters. They will try to reach your fortress and take out your knights. Some of them have special skills. Especially dangerous are bosses — battle with them will not be so easy. Each biome has a set of unique vicious enemies, but there is a separate class of them — the dark creatures from the netherworld, that are subject to the dark queen. Defeating her will save the world from the disaster.

By completing each level, you earn virtual currency for upgrading your mages. There are five upgrade levels for each skill. The last one is special, pay attention to it. If you have enough crystals, you can buy additional mages.

We do not force users with any kind of ads, that’s a big challenge for indie devs, so we hope you will appreciate it. By the way, the game works fine without the Internet. With mobile-friendly portrait format and short levels, it could be a perfect variant to pass the time.

In general, if you are tired of the same tower defense, “What Magic Is This” can become a breath of fresh air in this genre.

The game is free to play and is exclusively for Android through Google Play.