“The Cruxis Sword is a JRPG fans will just love. It’s rich story is played out across a vibrant, ever-changing landscape creating a meaningful sense of adventure. “ – Indie Game Buzz Editor

Hello fellow gamers. My name is Daniel “TropicalStar” Gant and I’m an indie developer based out of Houston, TX. I specialize in making jrpgs and have been working on games for over a decade now. After many years of development I am finally proud to present a jrpg worthy of the classical name, The Cruxis Sword.

The Cruxis Sword JRPG

The Cruxis Sword started out as a project on the now discontinued Rpg Toolkit. I developed the game on the Rpg Toolkit for 5 years until it was in a complete state. Due to the numerous amounts of bugs that were present in the engine, not everyone got to enjoy the game on the Rpg Toolkit website due to compatibility reasons. But those who did play it praised the game for its faith-fullness to the old school jrpg genre. The game was long, exciting, and in need of a new engine.

The Cruxis Sword JRPG

That came in the form of Rpg Maker VX Ace. I spent 3 years porting and enhancing the game to get it in a playable state that could be finally enjoyed by jrpg lovers. I know that Rpg Maker gets a lot of flak for being simple, but I put a lot of hard work and dedication into making the most consistent and polished experience I could out of the engine. Hundreds of detailed and consistent boards, many custom scripts, custom and edited tilesets to provide detail and atmosphere to the 24 varied locations, excellent music, fun and strategic battle system supported by a fleshed out crafting system, and a deep storyline featuring interesting and mysterious characters.

The Cruxis Sword JRPG

An evil essence named Zanakan is hell-bent on awakening his master, an ancient king named Demilos, whom which possess unreal powers of darkness, to take over the world. Upon discovering this from a dying prince, our heroes must go on a journey to prevent the awakening of Demilos. But what unfolds next is just the start of their world wide adventure to cleanse the planet of the parasite’s darkness once and for all.

The Cruxis Sword

So simply put, if you are into jrpgs and love the classics such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, you’d at least like The Cruxis Sword. It has everything the classics have due to its slow and meticulous development cycle. I am very confident that you will enjoy this different but exciting jrpg whether you are an old school gamer or not.