• Does your game have a small budget and is struggling to get into the spotlight?
  • Does your game have an audience, but just need an extra push?

If so, these packages can certainly help your game find success.
Our Packages start at US$95 and offer the following:

  1.  Banner space on our website for 2 weeks
  2. a feature spot on our twitter banner, putting thousands of eyes on your game
  3. promotional tweets (at the time date of your choice) from our official account to our 5000+ twitter users.
  4. a 500 word promotional article (with 3 photos and link to video) highlighting your game and its features.

Other websites may charge hundreds if not thousands for a similar offering, but because we are indie devs ourselves, we understand the need for some affordable promotional options.
Banner space is used on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, so don’t miss out.
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