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10 Score

Horizon Chase – The Retro Racer is back!

Horizon Chase is an awe inspiring retro style racer inspired by the great hits of the 80's and 90's, it brings a modern sheen to the retro racing genre whilst sacrificing none of the nostalgia.
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9 Score Review – Why we think it’s so popular demonstrates the crazy things that can happen when you attach multiplayer to a simple game concept.
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Ships and Scurvy: First look preview!

Our exclusive sneak preview of Oliver Joyce's seafaring adventure Ships and Scurvy!
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Barmack releasing on iOS this week

Barmark is a point n' click adventure, where the players changes the world around them in order to achieve harmony and personal perfection. There ...
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Beneath The Lighthouse upcoming

Indie developer Nitrome has teased a video trailer of a new game they are working on named Beneath the Lighthouse. (Releasing for both Android ...
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Five Nights at Freddy’s creator addresses haters

Five Nights at Freddy's has been quite the success story of recent. Launching on Desura and Steam, with eventual iOS and Android ports, the game ...
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7.5 Score

Ball King – Review

Want to be a baller? Test your skills by throwing balls, ducks, frogs or even old radios through the basket in this fun and free pixel art styled physics shooter.
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Infektor – Releasing this week

Take control of a vile microbe and go on an infecting rampage though an unknown body of fluid, bringing immune systems to their knees!
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Down The Mountain – Review

Down the mountain [Free] is a super casual, fast paced screen tapper which has you travelling down a blocky isometric mountain in left and right hops.
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7.5 Score

Brain It On! – Review

    Brain it on! Is a unique free-to-play physics puzzler for iOS and Android from the Canadian indie team Orbital Nine. The game ...
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