“Lost Little Robots is a classic puzzle game rooted in the retro era; Like all good puzzles, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. The simple concept allows for a great variety of tremendously sophisticated puzzles; that will test your problem solving skills, oftenten melting your brain in the process!
The huge quantity of hand crafted, well thought out levels, gives Lost Little Robots a lot of value, and replayability. Puzzles will easily be forgotton in the future, allowing you to enjoy them all over again when you feel that itch for a mental challenge.”
– Indie Game Buzz Editor

Hi. I’m Vong, founder of Evil Art Bunny Studios. I’m your typical run off the mill indie developer: dentist by day, dad by evening, vampire… oops, I mean game developer by midnight.

I’ve been messing around in game development for three years now. My brother one day called up and said, “Hey! You remember all those cool Nintendo games we played as kids? Well, now we can make them.”

We messed around a bit with Game Maker, he stopped but I continued. A hundred Udemy courses later, I gained reasonable competence with GMS. I tried making some massive games but those were never quite finished. Then one day, I stumbled upon a cool thing called game jams. These were furious little events where game developers create games in a short span of time and was exactly the kick I needed.

Lost Little Robots has different themed worlds to explore

I surprised myself by actually being pretty good at game jams. Perhaps something about constraints gave me fond memories of my time in prison.

Anyhow, of the four game jams I came first in one (Metroidvania Jam 2), second in another (Jim Jam 2), and top entry list prize for a third (BTP Jam). It was in BTP jam that Little Lost Robots was born.

Three days of meditating in a cave, achieving enlightenment, followed by a nice hot shower, and BAM! An idea took form. Another six hours of furious programming and pixel arting later and the basics of Little Lost Robots was hammered out.

The theme of the jam was game development. And I had recently finished Zachtronics’ Opus Magnum earlier that year. So naturally, Little Lost Robots is very much a programming game for the persistent and patient. Players give some commands to the robots to follow to an exit and then watch and see if their orders work. If things crash, the player simply resets things and adjust their solution till it works.

It is a simple concept but could be designed into surprisingly mind-bending puzzles

It had a great response from the other jammers. And thanks to the encouragement of several kind streamers, I said, okay, time to fully develop this baby. Along the way I made some great friends, and woke up one morning realizing I wasn’t a solo developer anymore. I was organising a game development team of half-men: meaning all of us worked part time.

The game jam version of Little Lost Robots only had about 2 mechanics in it. For the full version I expanded that to 8. (I cut out about 3 that weren’t strong enough.)

Each of these little features changed the game subtlety, and I loved watching players discover and learn to manipulate them. Future updates will see add a further 2 to 4 mechanics I have up my sleeve. My favourite mechanic is the temperature controls that toggle the state of ice and lava obstacles, possibly because they change the map state the most.

Although I’ve only learned programming in the last three years, truth is I’ve been designing games since I was eight. Everything from board games, DnD campaigns, to full day live action hundred people camp games (zombies included). Little Lost Robots was made with all the game design skills I’ve accumulated and I’m positive will delight and frustrate those of you who enjoy the challenging puzzle game.