I’m Sudobeats, a music producer, and game developer.

Growing up as a kid in the 90’s, I spent most of my time playing RPGs and watching anime. One anime in particular fascinated me as an 8 year old and stuck with me for the rest of my life: Cowboy Bebop.










The thrilling tales of a crew of space bounty hunters, who spent the course of the series barely getting by with what little they had, felt refreshing amongst the typical fare of flashy beat-em-up shows I was so accustomed to watching. Cowboy Bebop had a little something for everybody in it: a beautiful jazz and blues soundtrack, western, sci-fi, noir, and horror tropes/themes, and a lovable cast of main characters.

After recently rewatching the entire 26-episode series as an adult, I found myself desperately wanting more. I wanted more stories set in that whacky futuristic yet familiar universe, and more chances to laugh and cry at its brilliantly written inhabitants. For the longest time I felt I would never be able to fill the void it left in me.

And that was when I was hit with a spark of inspiration and purpose.


A couple of months ago I started writing an outline for an RPG that would later become my current project known as: Junkdogs. The game is set in the year 2091. Humanity has expanded far beyond the Earth and made settlements across the solar system. In this future, the expansion into space has led to the creation of many new opportunities and careers. One such path is that of a “junkdog” also known as space scavengers. These are individuals who explore and collect from objects abandoned in space. This concept would become the core of the game I would later go on to develop into a playable demo for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018.

The demo for Junkdogs was made in one month per the rules of the IGMC 2018. The game offers roughly 30-45 mins of playtime and features: exploration, puzzle-solving, a unique turn-based space battle system, and an original soundtrack comprised of jazzy hip-hop and electronic beats.


I decided to create a project that is essentially a love letter to the things I enjoyed as a kid. I hope you’ll check out Junkdogs, and if you enjoy the experience please consider leaving a rating to help the game advance in the Indie Game Making Contest.


I have plans to continue development of Junkdogs into a full-fledged game to be released (hopefully) next year. But more on that next time.

See you, space outlaws!