Dot Warriors [Free] is a pixel art styled match 3 fighter.
3 objects are shown on screen in a certain combination and you must match the sequence within a given time to attack. Getting the combination wrong results in receiving damage from the enemy.

Dot Warriors it’s a difficult game to review, as everything about it on first glance shows the promise of a fun and nostalgic action RPG experience. However looking beyond pretty pixel art and long winded story dialogue reveals nothing more then a match 3 game, that sadly gets tiring pretty quickly.

dot-warriors1 dot-warriors2


The game has both a story mode and an endless mode. The story mode is basically the equivalent of the endless mode with some dialogue added between fights. The dialogue feels some what forced and nonsensical, which kind of adds to the games charm (depending on how you look at it).

I gave this game a proper go I did. Fight after fight went by and nothing much happened, with the game play remaining pretty much the same with the exception of  a sped up attack timer.

Each battle uses some in game currency called ‘Controllers’ eventually you will run out of these and be prompted to buy more with real cash. That sucks.

dot-warriors4 IMG_1826

The game is about as exciting as Tic-Tac-Toe.

I would have liked to see a bit more player progression, perhaps some meaningful upgrades, but you don’t always get what you wan. There is a shop system which sells nothing more then some obscure orbs which are used for continues and such…

The game was purely designed around getting players to make real money purchases..  You strait up cannot play after a period of time without watching an ad, even after leaving the game for several days it was demanding ‘Control’. The problem is, the game kinda sucks, so no matter how much encouragement they give, I ain’t buying their so called ‘Control’.


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Our overall verdict "Average"